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Kerri and Terri are an aunt/niece team. (Guess which one is the Aunt—just kidding, don’t do that)

Terri is the youngest of 11 kids and Kerri is the daughter of Terri’s older sister. Terri got into real estate 18 years ago and brought Kerri on as a teammate shortly after.

The two make a perfect pair. Kerri is organized, practical, easy going and detail oriented. Terri is the opposite, but makes up for her lack of organization with her home improvement knowledge and creativity. Outside of work, if they’re not at a track, field or basketball court watching their kids, they’re either working on projects at their own homes or helping a family member with their project.

Kerri has a flair for design and is up-to-date on market trends and Terri has the know how to execute those design ideas. Together they can help buyers with a vision for what they can do to help make a house a home and give a seller advice on what improvements can be made to get more bang for their buck and help execute those improvements.

Kerri and Terri have a hobby of making reclaimed wood signs and have made many signs to donate to fundraisers, supporting organizations in their home community of Stoneham.

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Posted by Patrk Boyl
(5 of 5)
Posted on 4 January 2023
I owned and sold dozens of homes the past 50 years. I recently had Terri and Kerri from the Stoneham,MA office as my selling agent. They made it feel like a family experience. They were so comfortable and accommodating to my needs, going well beyond any agent I’ve ever dealt with. They were not intimidating, pushy or aggressive with my requests. I always felt I was ……represented!
Posted by Maureen Pursley
(5 of 5)
Posted on 30 October 2022
Kerri and Terri were wonderful to work with. They always explained their plan and ext steps they were never bothered by my constant string of questions and were very reassuring when I was nervous I would highly recommend them
Posted by Annmarie Heckman
(5 of 5)
Posted on 24 October 2022
From the 1st phone call to the last Kerri and Terri were the absolute best! We had to sell my moms house fast and I’m talking within weeks. My mom had lived there for 60 yrs and had 60 yrs worth of accumulated stuff. It was very overwhelming. Kerri and Terri made the whole process so less stressful for us I couldn’t be more grateful to both of these women! They never stopped and got the house sold in our timeframe. I’m definitely team Kerri and Terri 100%. I almost wish I had another house to sell.
Posted by Ellen Fagan
(5 of 5)
Posted on 15 August 2022
Terri and Kerri were fantastic! Couldn’t have asked for an easier process when selling our house. Thank you!
Posted by Brian Gill
(5 of 5)
Posted on 9 December 2021
I have had the pleasure of working with Terry and Kerri and they are AMAZING! I am a contractor who assists people in preparing their homes for sale. Terri and Kerri are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Their communication is prompt and continuous. They are courteous and kind, and always keep the customer as their number on priority. The Real Estate business could certainly use more professionals like them!! I give them 10 Stars but could only select 5!!!
Posted by Michael Downing
(5 of 5)
Posted on 7 December 2021
There are no better realtors to work with than Terri and Kerri! My wife and I were overwhelmed when we began to search for our first home, but Terri and Kerri put our minds at ease right from the start. It was evident very early on in the process that they had our best interests in mind. There were quite a few instances where they were able to point potential problems with a house that my wife and I were not aware of. We ended up purchasing a home that needed some renovations and Terri and Kerri were instrumental in providing us with recommendations on what would work best. Three years later, we still reach out to them for feedback on our home improvement ideas. They are so incredibly helpful and a pleasure to work with. If/when the time comes to sell our current home, we will be sure to contact Terri and Kerri right away!
Posted by Lisanne Sowyrda
(5 of 5)
Posted on 6 December 2021
I am starting the process of selling a home that was left to me. Terri and Kerri gave us more options than I realized, having never sold a property in the past. They are on top of the situation without me having to do much. I have the utmost confidence in the team to make the home sale smooth as silk. With Terri and Kerri at the wheel, I went from terrified to can't wait to get it on the market.
Posted by Walter Carroll
(5 of 5)
Posted on 5 December 2021
Terri and Kerri were absolutely awesome to do business with. Handled everything for us and took all the pressure and stress out of the picture. Can't say enough . Absolutely go with them again.
Posted by Jaime Wallace
(5 of 5)
Posted on 2 December 2021
The Home Grown Team, Kerri & Terri were fantastic. Terri was awesome at looking at houses and seeing the potential, while Kerri was great at suggesting how to decorate that space. I’ve sold once and bought twice using them and wouldn’t dream of using anyone else.
Posted by William Keating
(5 of 5)
Posted on 2 December 2021
Terri and Kerri are super professional and work very hard for their clients. They really go to work for you!
Posted by Mary Healey
(5 of 5)
Posted on 1 December 2021
I have worked with Terri and Kerri on a few occasions and they are top notch. They make the home buying and selling process so easy, and definitely look out for your best interest. You are not only getting realtors, but these two have a wide knowledge base when it comes to design and construction as well. They go above and beyond and I would not use anyone else!
Posted by Stephanie Altavesta
(5 of 5)
Posted on 29 November 2021
Terri and Kerri are a dream team! I’ve never felt so confident with our decision to buy our home. It was nice knowing someone was looking out for our best interest and helping us find a house we could call home. Highly recommend
Posted by Christine Carr
(5 of 5)
Posted on 27 November 2021
I worked with Kerri Gilmartin and Terri Conway to sell my condo. I was ready to sell as is and Kerri and Terri went the extra steps to showcase the space earning me top dollar. They made the whole process low stress and strain, I could not recommend them more highly. You will truly be getting double the care and attention - and then some.
Posted by Jillian
(5 of 5)
Posted on 23 November 2021
Kerri and Terri helped us while purchasing our first home and made it a great experience! They are extremely knowledgeable, talented and caring. This duo made us feel like we were their only client due to the level of time and commitment they put in. We highly recommend them for any of your real estate needs!!
Posted by Katie Dunn
(5 of 5)
Posted on 19 November 2021
Kerri and Terri went above and beyond for us. They were thorough, gave great advice and truly cared. I will use them again in the future for sure and I recommend them to everyone.
Posted by Lauren Showalter Downing
(5 of 5)
Posted on 17 November 2021
As first time home buyers, my husband and I were overwhelmed with the market and where to begin. Terri and Kerri quickly put our minds at ease and helped us narrow down our search. From our initial meeting with them, it was clear they had our best interests in mind. After a few open house walkthroughs, Kerri and Terri pointed out several major red flags that would have caused major issues down the road, which helped steer us away from those listings. It was made evident that they take pride in their work and weren’t trying to force a major life decision on us. The house we ended up purchasing required big renovations and Terri and Kerri played a crucial role in the making suggestions and helping us with decisions. They are true, patient, professionals and are focused on the best interests of their clients. Three years later and we still contact them for feedback and guidance regarding our home improvement projects. We are thrilled with the experience(s) we had with Terri and Kerri and can’t recommend them enough. We will certainly contact them again if/when the time comes to sell our current home! Thank you!!
Posted by Gayle Means
(5 of 5)
Posted on 13 November 2021
When I decided to sell our family home after 50 years, I chose Terri and Kerri as my agents. They were professional and thankfully understanding. They patiently explained that neutrally staging each room would bring more buyers and potential profit. They helped with minor repairs and inspections as well as removing excess furniture and personal items. Their guidance was spot on as my house sold, over asking price, within a week.
Posted by Maria Wizboski
(5 of 5)
Posted on 10 November 2021
Hardest working team! The property was staged beautifully which resulted a fast and very profitable sale. Thank you Team Kerri and Terri!!!
Posted by Maureen Alikonis
(5 of 5)
Posted on 6 November 2021
We decided to sell our home and looked into City Lights because I saw an ad saying they would buy as is. Made an appointment and Terri and Kerri came out to meet me. We connected instantly that day!! They suggested that if we put a little bit of work in our house we were best to list and sell and make more in the long run. They were right!! It's been a pleasure working with these two professional and fun ladies. They were with us every step of the way during the fixing, listing and selling of our home. It's a process to sell or buy a house and we were lucky to have them help us through this journey.!
Posted by Jessica Turnbull
(5 of 5)
Posted on 3 November 2021
Highly recommend working with Kerri and Terri! They are a great duo who worked hard to help me find and buy my home. They are reliable and great at what they do!
Posted by Clare Landers
(5 of 5)
Posted on 1 November 2021
Terri and Kerri from Home Grown Realty team were amazing! They took care of everything to make the process of selling our family home so much easier. We didn’t have to worry about one thing. They got the house ready to sell, taking care of every detail inside and out ,while communicating with us every step of the way. We were amazed at all the work they put into it, as if it was their own. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a worry free sale..and they got us top price!!
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