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My passion for all things real estate developed at an early age when my parents bought their first investment property. Following in their footsteps, I bought my first investment property at the age of 29. While I ended up graduating from college with a degree in Business Management, there was always something there pulling at me, telling me that I was destined for a career in real estate. This led me to becoming a Realtor in 2014. With each passing day, I fall more in love with every aspect of this industry.

Real Estate is all about relationships and relationships are all about trust. I must ensure that my clients trust me and my knowledge of all things real estate. There is no greater sense of accomplishment for me than helping my clients achieve their real estate goals, whether that is home ownership, selling a property that they have poured their blood and sweat into or helping them develop a real estate portfolio that will provide them with financial freedom and security in their later years.

Real Estate is an ever-evolving entity. There is always something new to learn and practice. When I originally joined CityLight Homes in 2016, I did so as a Real Estate Project Manager. In the years since, I have been involved in numerous real estate transactions. I have managed investment portfolios for clients, been on the management end of numerous rehabs/flips and I have coached others on how to successfully start and develop their own real estate investment companies.

As the co-founder of the Toro Realty Group, now operating under CityLight Homes, all these years of experience and knowledge allow me to be a vital asset to all of my clients, no matter what segment of the Real Estate industry they may need my assistance in.  It is my honor, privilege and, without a doubt, my passion, to be there with them every step of their real estate journey.

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Posted by Marcelo Ramirez
(5 of 5)
Posted on 17 January 2024
It was an absolute pleasure working with Steven Dinis. He was incredibly knowledgeable, polite, and went above and beyond to help us find our home. It took us a long time to find the ideal house, and Steven was with us every step of the way. He was always responsive and never hesitated or seemed bothered to show us as many houses as we needed to find the right one. You won't regret putting your trust in his guidance. Happy house hunting
Posted by Kylee Haley
(5 of 5)
Posted on 8 September 2023
We had a two family home in Arlington and Steven helped us think through what we wanted to do with it. We considered selling our two family and buying a single-family home. We also considered selling our two family and renting for a year or two before we bought some thing. Ultimately, we decided to convert our two family into two condos and sell one of the units. This has allowed us to pay off our mortgage and use some of the money to make repairs and enhancements to our unit. Steven was very patient with us as we thought through all the options. He would give us pros and cons of each consideration. He never pushed us into doing anything, but was always available to think through things. I truly appreciated his patience throughout the process. There were many moments where I felt overwhelmed, and I would simply send him a text and he would alleviate my worries and concerns. We’ve lived in this house for almost 20 years, and these decisions can be very emotional. Steven was a great partner in helping us think through the best decision for our family. I would highly recommend working with Steven!
Posted by Daniel Reis
(5 of 5)
Posted on 3 September 2023
Steve and Jason were both wonderful throughout the entire process. They made selling and buying so much easier. We will definitely recommend them to friends and family.
Posted by DMD
(5 of 5)
Posted on 23 July 2023
Wow, just wow... Let me start by saying that this review is for Stephen Dinis of CityLight Homes. My wife and I, long time NH residents came to MA due to the decling health of her parents. We realized we'd soon be in a situation where we would have to take care of the estate and sell the home. Well, we preemptively looked online for local agents, and though my wife and I had several real estate dealings in the past, it's been a long time, so we were basically clueless again. We settled on CityLight Homes due to the reviews, and the unique services they offered. Apparently, they operate as a traditional real estate company, BUT they will also offer you a cash price for your home in any condition, or make recommendations to fix it up, and provide and manage those services if so desired. So we made the call. My wifes parents home, though in a great neighborhood and very warm, was dated and in serious need of updating. We then received a call from Stephen Dinis and set up a time for him to come over. Stephen wasn't one of these guys who was heavily perfumed, perfect suit, or Mercedes. Our first impression was, wow, he's so relaxed and mellow, which is exactly the type we wanted to do business with. No hyper fast talking or selling services! Don't misunderstand me. He was clean cut, professional and knowledgeable. He sat and listened to us explain our situation and not 10 minutes into the talk, my wife starts crying. I explained to Stephen that her Mom had just past away, and we were living here, in the home she grew up in, to take care of her father who himself had advanced dementia. Combine that with just gaining custody of our niece's, (another long story), and my wife was an emotional mess. Stephen, read the situation, and immediately calmed my wife with caring and understanding, almost as if it was his wife! Right then and there I was won over. I knew this was the guy! This was the agency. So Stephen saw I was anxious to sell and get back to our lives in NH. He also read that my wife wasn't. He explained our options, which were many, and stressed that there was no rush. She'll be ready when she is ready. And I'll be here for you when you are, call anytime if I can help. My wife and I did indeed contact him many times over a one year period. He was always quick to answer questions and very responsive. ALWAYS with no pressure or urgency.. Never got frustrated with us. In the end, my wife realized it was time, and Stephen came in (for the 7th time) and went right to work. He made suggestions, all minor that would improve the value of the home and increase our ROI, return on investment. Everything, as always was up to us. No pressure. No worries! We wanted to go forward with his suggestions, but we didn't know where to begin. THIS is where he really shined! He has a team of people he uses for everything. He'd literally set it all up, make calls, and always ran things by us for approval. Communication was always superb! His team came in, fixed a leaky faucet, reglazed a yellow tub to white, did some minor painting touchups, mowed the lawn, and cleaned the house to white glove levels! Mind you, none of this needed to be done, but we realized it would show better and benefit us in the end, as Stephen explained. Stephen had 2 open houses, and our home sold quickly. We were very satisfied with the offer price, and process. Stephen then recommended a closing atty, and like always he handled everything!!! All this while managing my wifes emotions. He even negotiated an extra 30 day stay in the home free of charge from the buyers as a condition of the sale, so we weren't under pressure to move quickly! He literally thought of everything, and took great care of us throughout the entire process. Stephen blew us away from start to finish with his knowledge, professionalism, and caring. CityLight Homes is the company, but Stephen IS THE MAN! Call them. Ask for him! You'll be delighted you did. Thank you for everything Stephen! Especially your understanding.
Posted by Wilson Villanueva Chavez
(5 of 5)
Posted on 4 April 2023
Working with Steven Dinis was amazing. He help me and he took his time for me to buy the house, he worked with patience and respect because I'm not a easy person. He gave me a lot of advice. I got to know him when buying the house and we still keep in touch.. Thank you steven for everything!!!
Posted by Joe Couto
(5 of 5)
Posted on 21 September 2022
Steven Dinis was great. He helped us understand the whole selling and buying process. Also he helped find contractors to help fix a few things around our house to be sold. He made it fairly easy for us. Thanks again.
Posted by Alan Lord
(5 of 5)
Posted on 19 July 2022
I recently had to sell my sister’s house and had the pleasure of working with Steven Dinis. From the very start of the listing to the final closing Steven provided incredible service and made a difficult situation go rather smoothly. Steven had several contractors do work on the house to get it ready to sell. The work performed was done on a timely basis and definitely enhanced the value of the house. The professionalism that Steven maintained throughout the process was a key in getting the house sold in 2 days and at a very favorable price. I would highly recommend Steven Dinis to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home.
Posted by Marcela Rendon
(5 of 5)
Posted on 22 November 2021
I had a great experience with Steve he was very helpful always there to answer my silly question, I also love that he was always there to help us for our best interest not just to sell the house and get his money worth. He was there to find us our dream home.
Posted by Shelly Imonti
(5 of 5)
Posted on 13 November 2021
It was such a pleasure working with Steve Dinis. He offered excellent advice, answered every question and helped us make informed decisions. We cannot thank him enough for all the hard work, dedication and the time he spent selling our first home and helping us find the perfect forever home. He truly went above and beyond for us. When a number of different unexpected issues came up with the City for the sale of our home and the buyer’s appraiser, Steve handled each situation with us in a compassionate and effective manner. We have recommended Steve, and will continue to recommend him, to our family and friends that are looking to buy, sell or both.
Posted by Lena Bell
(5 of 5)
Posted on 5 November 2021
I thought it would be difficult to sell a house on my own. Steven Dinis and Jason Soares helped make selling a pleasant experience. The pricing suggested was spot on. I will use them again when I am ready to purchase my next home.
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